Megan Baker
My work was an Erasure poem coming from “When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men’s Eyes.” Erasure poems are a journey that you have to find the poem inside the poem that is dying to get out; finding new pieces within such a famous piece was exciting. 

Lindsey Bennett
I chose to write about the game of rugby. A sport that should be more popular in the United States than football. It’s a better sport overall, and real athletes play it.

Eric Bikowski
I wrote this poem about spoiled kids who have everything but are still never happy. I wanted to write something comical for this poem and spoiled kids were the first thing that came to mind.

Rachel Ebersol
The poem I wrote reflects the distressing situations of the bystander’s effect and its consequences on others. My poem is not in a structural form, because I feel that by not constricting myself to a strict structure, I am able to be more creative

.Jessie Emmons
This piece was an in-class prompt. The prompt was “Things you should know….”.

Kaylynne Hahn
We were asked to write a poem in class so that is exactly what I did. I decided to use my own life events to make the poem more personal and meaningful.

Tony Gartee
Writing “Losing My Religion” was a way for me to express my inner thoughts on a sensitive subject. Using pictures allowed me to convey more emotion.

Kenny Gutierrez
Original sonnet by Joshua Beckman I turned the poem into an erasure poem. It took a few tries to get something I thought sounded well, was tons of fun!

Ashley Hilliker
My work was a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. I chose to keep the outcome similar to the original, but approach it from a different perspective. It was exciting to revise and alter such a famous piece of literature.

Staci Junkin
In order to write this piece I tried to follow the rules of sonnet poems. I had trouble getting my poem to rhyme.

Dee Landes
Petrarch sonnets are the Italian mode, in which I modeled. I love Italians.

Dean McCleese
This is my erasure poem. This was my first time doing one and I thought it was pretty easy and fun to do.

Heather Menefee
“Colored Flowers” was created by Google searching “colored flowers.” This is a Flarf poem and is very random.

Clayton Pitman
The story of Noah’s ark is a well traveled story. However, I have never seen a version of the story that takes that animals perspective in to count. The goal of this piece was to explore the relationship between the king of men (God) and the king of the beasts (lion).

Daniel Radkey
This is my retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood”. In this version of the story I wanted to explore the story from the wolf’s point of view with a purer more animalistic personality of the wolf.

Misty Rush
This piece is an erasure of Shakespeare’s sonnet “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun.”

Henry Smith
For my fiction piece I chose to remake the classic story “Three Little Pig”s. I decided to tell the story from one of the pig’s wife point of view.

Pryce Tracy
This is a flarf poem, using the search term “Pizza Penguin”. This was a last minute writing I did when we were actually supposed to be grouped up for an in class peer editing exercise. I must say that this poem ended up manifesting into the world’s greatest flarf poem ever.

John Weaver
This is a flarf poem, using the search term “In the Swim”. This was my first experience with flarf, and it produced an unexpectedly serious piece.

Jusitne Werley
I was not a fan of sonnets before this project, but then I became a sonnet mastermind.

Ethan Westgerdes
“Anonymous” is a retelling of a story. I chose to retell the story of Heracles and his madness caused by his Step-Mother Hera.

Stephanie Wright
The creating of “My Baby Boy” was actually quite simple. Its entirety was fueled by the love of my son Lawrence.


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